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Hey – we are the working dogs.

The hardest workers on the whole farm and the most valuable.  Farmer Andrew says that each of us are worth three men as we can run and run and run.  We know how to move sheep in a paddock (well Shadow and Jess do) and Mita and Sparkles are better in the yard at pushing up sheep into the ‘race’.  The race is where Farmer Andrew gives the sheep medicine for worms, vitamin injections and treatment to prevent blow fly strike and lice infestations.


Some of the orders that Farmer Andrew gives us include:

Go back

Go RIGHT back

Come here

And “enough. Sit down’

Sometimes even ‘good dog’

We LOVE Farmer Andrew and will do anything to spend time with him (and the four wheel bike – that is SOO much fun to ride on). 

We tolerate Lady Boss Renae – she has a funny voice and sometimes gives different orders than Farmer Andrew which gets confusing at times – but she generally knows what she is doing.

I hope you see us working when you visit – if not, we always love a pat or two, or three or four.

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