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Brandon's Story

Born 26 April 2020

Hello I am Brandon the Bull calf.  In this picture I am three weeks old and Very Handsome.

This is a picture of me on the day I was born with my beautiful mum. 

She licked me clean, introduced me to the herd and kept me safe.  She also gave me delicious warm milk.

(VERY) Sadly my mum died when I was a week old.  Farmer Andrew and the Vet determined it was due to a twisted abomasum (part of the stomach) which can happen after a big calf is born as the intestines move back into their right places, sometimes they get it wrong.


Without a mum I was going to be very scared and hungry, so I was adopted by Farmer Andrew and Lady Boss Renae and I lived at the House.


The first two weeks were lonely, but I grew a lot and loved playing with the chickens and running around the fruit trees with mum.  She said I was keeping her fit for netball.

Brandon and Laurinda June 2020.jpg

Soon I had lots of friends, even a girl calf called Laurinda.  (She is alright, but she is a bit demanding and has weird habits).


We liked to hang about in the chicken coup, as we were out of the wind and ‘ooow’ that radiant heat

Here is me with my first best friend Humphrey (a crossbred - Merino/Suffolk lamb), when we were young, and below a more recent photo.  Marking time was when I got my ‘Bling’.  I have a special electronic tag so that I can never be lost, and a Purple Ear tag with number 1 on it.  My tag is purple because I was born in 2020. If you look carefully you will see that Humphrey has a purple tag too.

At the moment I hang out in my paddock near the shearing shed with my friends, and LOOOVE being fed lupins and oats.  I have a very rough tongue and love having my back scratched. 

Will you come and feed me?

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