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Renae Poot

The Heart

Hello I am Renae.
I was lucky enough to grow up with my Sisters and Brother on a smallish (10,000 acre) sheep and wheat farm, in the Wheatbelt area of Western Australia near Newdegate. I had the privilege of learning about food production, animal husbandry and land care first hand which afforded me a good dose of practicality and common sense! It certainly provided me with a sense of community, of belonging and generosity of spirit (and enthusiasm!).
This provided a great platform for my first career as a Registered Nurse, and after 30 years working in the Australian health care system I was keen to focus my skills on tourism.

Andrew feeding Hay to Hairy Horde - smil

Andrew Middleton

The Soul

Hello I am Andrew.

I grew up on a large (112 acre) dairy farm in Sommerset, Southern England near the town of Oake.  We had a 112 herd of Halstein Friesians type of dairy cows and close to a million litre milk quota…. We were a progressive farm leading the way with three times a day milking.   It sure was cold at 4am in winter and after Ag School I had the opportunity to travel to Australia.  

Esperance called my name, and here I have stayed.

Oake Marsh Farm

The Home

Together Andrew and Renae are eager to share with you their mixed farming enterprise and their
daily lives caring for their 3.500 acre farm 25km North East of Esperance called Oake Marsh Farm.

(yes the Middleton Farm name from England has been maintained)

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