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Donna Kebab's story

Hello I am a Merino ewe and my name is Donna Kebab. (yes - my adoptive parents have an interesting sense of humour).  I wear a blue tag to remind Farmer Andrew that I was born in 2015.  I (and my friend Tia) are the fattest girls in our mob, as we love being hand fed our lollies (lupins) and a receiving a scratch on the neck.

Donna Kebab on back lawn.jpg

My purpose on the farm is to eat lots and have fun, to grow a nice fine wool merino coat every year and to produce prime lambs for market.

I am a ‘pet lamb’ and I have attitude. When I was adopted I spent lots of time with Farmer Andrew and Lady Boss Renae at the House.  I even spent time in their kitchen and in front of the fire during winter when it was too cold outside.

Donna and Tear Feeding.jpg

My best friend was Jed the Doberman. We played chasey around the back lawn, and had adventures together on Farmer Andrew’s `four-wheel bike.  We always rode up front, and the working dogs, Shadow, Sparkles and Mita rode on the back tray.



At the moment our mob is hosting five black faced Poll Suffolk Rams.  Poll means that they do not have horns.  We will be joined for seven weeks and in five months’ time I hope to be rearing a sweet little boy or girl lamb called a ‘cross bred’ who will grow into a chunky prime lamb for market.

I do hope you will drop by on your visit so I can introduce you – and make sure you bring me extra lollies please.

Ewes and Rams.jpg
Donna being hand fed.jpg
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